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ACTE Receive award from Siemens

Latest ACTE News

SIEMENS WM have recognised ACTE Components as their fastest growing European distributor with growth last year of over 300%.

Additionally ACTE Components were also awarded UK Distributor of the Year

ACTE’s commitment to customer service from the first contact through development and onto regular supply has helped retain customers and attract new ones looking for more than just a components distributor.

Acte has entered into a new distribution agreement with VTI Technologies Oy.

As a result of this agreement, Acte will sell and market VTI’s motion and pressure sensors throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Samples for testing and prototype needs are available from stock and all Acte’s field applications engineers have been trained in helping customers design these products into OEM applications. Acte will store the most common VTI components for production needs and offer project specific buffer services.

Mike Collen, Managing Director for Acte, said: “The new SCA3000 series Digital 3 Axis Accelerometers we are promoting are a great match to our customers’ activities. With this new agreement Acte is quickly becoming a leading player in the UK for asset tracking equipment and we are looking forward to a very successful partnership.”

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Rubycon Announce 4 new Capacitor Technologies.

– New Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitors from 10F to 100F
– Polymer Multilayer Capacitors – Probably the most stable capacitor
– PC -CON – Possibly the lowest ESR Available.
– Long Life Screw Terminal Capacitors for Industrial Applications
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Qinetiq appoints Acte for the UK

Acte components has been appointed as the UK reseller for the Qinetiq Q20 GPS Module.
This ultra compact and state of the art high sensitivity GPS receiver module is suitable for indoor and urban canyon use. The Q20 is a complete GPS receiver module with very fast acquisition time and very low signal strength tracking ability.Click here for more information

Multitech Systems have appointed Acte to work with their full range of embedded networking solutions.

This new partnership offers Acte customers a full range of Wireless inter connectivity to meet all market requirements.
Socket Modems with options for Servers, Dial Up, IP, ISDN, EDGE, Bluetooth, GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth and Ethernet IP

Simple to use RJ11 Modems Edge & CDMA Modems plus many more products including Bluetooth modems.
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Acte is appointed in the UK for IRIS Data-Radio Modules from TRL Funksysteme.

Currently these are available in the usual frequencies of 433, 868 & 915MHz. The IRIS modules are especially suited for the transfer of small amounts of data over distances up to 1500m.
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Acte adds 4th SIM holder to the Acte SIM Family.

SIM 4 is a recently released low-cost, low-profile clamshell design locking SIM holder

Just 2.45mm high it is 17.4mm wide and 30.6mm long is also very lightweight. Supplied to Acte by a leading Japanese connector manufacturer, this product is suitable for automatic insertion and has a positioning boss to ensure correct placement. The lock structure ensures the SIM cannot be moved by vibration etc.
Operating Temperature Range -30°C ~+ 80°C
Insulation Resistance 1000MR min 40mr Contact resistance
5000 cycle rating
RoHS Compliant

SIM 1 is a simple, low cost push type
SIM 2 is a low profile Push Push holder
SIM 3 is a low profile Push Push with a lock to ensure SIM placement is undisturbed

Mounting clip for the new Siemens range TC63, TC65 & MC75 is now available from Acte Components

To ensure the module is securely fixed whilst preventing board flexing issues. A rugged but light weight design maintaining a low profile. This mounting clip allows simple placement in the field.

Triorail, the GSM-R specialist company has extended its relationship with the Acte Group of distributors to include Acte UK

The product portfolio includes a Plug-and-Play terminal and also a modem. The range also includes test equipment and handsets developed purely for GSM-R.
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